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It’s a curse!!

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R. Kelly,
I Believe I Can Fly (The Best Of R. Kelly)


Ignition (Remix) - R. Kelly

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"Fuck you. I’m the well educated black man"

The infamous car alarm?? Wtf?!?!?

Fuck you I’m the coke fiend.


The Horrifying Capitalist Leviathan.

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I found a pie masterpost X
and a mini apple pie recipe (youtube) X
because food is so great. Can it be autumn yet so I can make these. X 


I found a pie masterpost X

and a mini apple pie recipe (youtube) X

because food is so great. Can it be autumn yet so I can make these.


I will never not love this.

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Tagged by lifeweightsandpavement to answer 10 questions… Had to stalk your blog to find it bc it was gone from my drafts, but I was happy to catch up on how things are going with you! :)

My ten questions:
 1) pick a country/city you have to spend the rest of your life living in?
 Hmm I’d like to visit Canada before I give my final answer. But in reality I’ll likely stay right here in Ohio, right around the little bit of country right outside Cincinnati where I am currently. I imagine 10 acres or so, farm house, barn, garden, fruit trees… A simple life. I’m a city girl who married a farmer, what can I say? :) I’d like a house on the east coast though. A vacation home. I’m so in love with the east coast. I feel at home there, on the beach.
2) favorite animal? Big, huge cats. Lions, tigers. So majestic.

3) favorite band and song? Can’t do it, not possible! Music is everything and I can’t narrow it down like that. Short answer: Fall Out Boy.

4) favorite movie? Same as previous. Can’t do it. Short answer: First movie that popped in my head was Shawshank Redemption.

5) cast your favorite movie character with your actor of choice: who and why? Oh dear… I don’t even know where to begin with this one…

6) most loathed movie?
 Any of those B-rated “horror” flicks that are nothing more than a bunch of twenty-somethings running around screaming, getting killed left and right and no real plot. The ones with the gratuitous nudity in the first 2 minutes which presumably is to try to get people to sit through the whole movie I guess?
7) a signer/band you can’t stand? Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea, One Direction… any of those types. Can’t do it.

8) you can meet anyone in the world, famous or not: who and why?
 Too many to list, most not famous. Friends I’ve made via the internets, most of whom I will probably never meet in my lifetime. Also Patrick Stump because reasons.
9) your ideal future involves what? See answer to #1, along with a healthy and happy family; indefinite financial stability to allow us to continue to live comfortably with room to do things we enjoy like taking vacations, etc.; being fit; having a few good friends; lots of laughter and a little adventure.

10) food you can’t eat? Cilantro. I’m a super taster, so it tastes like soap. No bueno. Also I can’t do the raw oysters thing. Nope.


…and Tumblr

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Tagged by justhiitit in the “hit shuffle on your music playlist and post the first 10 songs” thing. 329 songs - here’s the sample:

1. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
2. Bush - Machinehead
3. Outkast - B.O.B.
4. Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
5. The Verve Pipe - Freshmen
6. John Mellencamp - Jack & Diane
7. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
8. The Wallflowers - One Headlight
9. Awolnation - Sail
10. Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock


Ladies, I am holding out my hand. Do you trust me?

I need you to open Google Maps. Locate your nearest mall. Get in your car. Drive to Yankee Candle.

Past the seasonal pumpkin display, near the back of the store, you will find a trash pile Man Candle section. You will see…

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