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I have something to share that made me feel really good today. This story might be all over the place but that’s just how my brain works.

I’ve been working on this weight loss thing for a long time now and only recently did I make major changes in my diet (aka the food that I eat, I am not “on a diet”). I didn’t make a big show of it, I made no announcements, I just started doing it. And naturally people noticed anyway. I started bringing in a whole lot more fruits and vegetables, eating more and more whole, real foods and eliminated processed and packaged things, save my beloved hummus (the things that I do buy in a package are as minimally processed as possible). This is what my body likes and responds to, and as a result I’ve never felt better or had more energy. People are also noticing that as well. I get complimented on how great I look from time to time and that makes me realize that the work is starting to show. “Great” as in healthy, happy, and maybe slightly slimmer but it’s really more the outlook and attitude than my actual physical appearance, you feel me. I haven’t changed a great deal physically yet. Yet.

Mind you I still have never discussed what I’m doing. I don’t tell anyone how they should eat and I don’t feel in any way superior to anyone else. I don’t have time for that bullshit. I just do me, and that’s it. If anyone asks me I’d be happy to talk about it, but I don’t go around yakking about it.

Regardless, my friend at work has been calling attention to it on a daily basis. Others have even noticed and said things to me about her actions. We have a teasing kind of relationship anyway, but she seems to have gone a bit far with this. She likes to come look at the food I have every day and make a comment about it. “A cucumber? Eww. You just eat it like that? Gross.” “What is that? Omg is it organic? Of course it is. *eyeroll* You hippie!” You get the idea. But I just smile and keep on. I jab back of course but not a whole lot, just enough to show I have a good sense of humor about it. People ask why I don’t stand up for myself and I tell them why. I have a sting, believe me. I can really cut with my words and leave a lasting impression. But I don’t. Why? She is clearly insecure. I know she is, as her friend, but even if we weren’t friends I would know that. You can tell. People go out of their way to pick on someone when they are insecure about themselves and the person they are picking on makes them more aware of whatever it is they are insecure about. Typically, anyway. Why should I make it worse for her? I’m sorry but I won’t do that. I just tell myself that the results will speak for themselves and until then I’ll just wait. “First they will make fun of you, and then they will ask how you did it.” Right?

So this past week-ish the teasing has slowed to a halt and instead she has been coming to tell me what produce she bought the night before, asked me to show her how to cut a mango, asked to share my watermelon, brought in my favorite hummus to share. Nothing has been said, it has just gradually transitioned.

What happened today? Well I go to the gym on my lunch hour and today she asked if I want to mix it up and start going for walks with her on days when it’s nice out. She wants to work out with me now. I actually feel like I have inspired someone and that makes me feel good inside. It’s not like I have all the answers, I don’t have a plan, I’m just doing what I’ve found works for ME personally. But if someone is inspired by me in someway then I think that’s kinda cool.

So with that said, I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing.

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*shrug* & *smirk* Indeed!




*shrug* & *smirk* Indeed!


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I think too much. I think ahead. I think behind. I think sideways. I think it all. If it exists, I’ve fucking thought of it.
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Story of my life.
Need to quit over thinking

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+one billion, kazillion.

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I’m excited to be seen as sexy, but not slutty.

It’s working

Holy crap

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Always reblog Dwayne Johnson.


Always reblog Dwayne Johnson.

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Mistakes can either define you or they can define your ability to overcome.

You decide which.

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